The Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center at Loma Linda University Medical Center - Murrieta specializes in treating chronic non-healing wounds. They offer innovative treatments and technologies, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, for various conditions like artery disease, bone infections, diabetes, and more. The center is known for its experienced multidisciplinary team, high patient satisfaction, and successful treatment outcomes.

Facility: Loma Linda University Hospital-Murrieta
Address: 28062 Baxter Rd Murrieta, CA 92563
Location: Murrieta, CA
Country: USA
Phone Number: (951) 290-4061

Certifications: i JCA

Customer Reviews

Unprofessional, unorganized, miscommunication are the initial thoughts for the ER. 9 hours later I can clearly define the horrible, cringe worthy experience here at the Loma Linda Murrieta ER. This department cannot get ANYTHING right and seem to enjoy the fact that they could not care less about it. I can deal with unprofessional behavior, having to draw blood twice and throwing their mouse and mouse pad in frustration with patience. But I draw the line at clearly not giving a shit while they sit in their dirt, grime, sticky and disgusting ER environment. Mean while HEMET hospital has an amazing patience experience. EVERYONE at the executive and the management level at Loma Linda should be embarrassed of this place. - brett t.
Take care of their patients - diagnose them properly and don't discharge them after 4 days without a diagnosis (christmas eve) to pass away 5 days later. The ER was a joke - he sat in the hall for 10 hours - everyone was too busy on their computers to take care of patients. - Croneberger R.
Much better than the hospital in the city where I live. Still has its ups and downs as any hospital will. I would like to give a shout out to the PCA who actually saved my mother's life by being insistent that an RN take notice. - Sherrill S.

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