The Wound Care Center at Addison Gilbert Hospital in Beverly, Massachusetts, treats a variety of chronic wounds. Their treatment methods include advanced wound dressing and bioengineered skin replacement. They specialize in healing burns, diabetic ulcers, neuropathic and ischemic ulcers, peristomal skin irritations, pressure ulcers, radiation, traumatic and surgical wounds, vasculitis, and venous insufficiency. The center operates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Facility: Beverly Hospital
Address: 500 Cummings Center Suite 1800, Beverly, MA 01915, United States
Location: Beverly, MA
Country: USA
Phone Number: (978) 921-1210

Certifications: i JCA

Customer Reviews

On the first day I met dr Maloney I knew I was in good hands. - Linda C.
Thank Goodness for nurses. - Linda H.
I suffered a traumatic hematoma on my shin from an injury. - Susan B.

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