The Wound Healing Center at Englewood Health offers specialized outpatient treatment for wounds that do not heal on their own or with standard treatment. Their multidisciplinary program includes board-certified wound specialists, vascular surgeons, podiatrists, plastic surgeons, and wound care nurses. Treatment plans may include specialized dressings, topical medications, minimally invasive surgery, and other advanced therapies. Patient education is a key component of their approach, aiming to promote long-term recovery. The center is also integrated with Englewood Hospital’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy unit.

Facility: Englewood Hospital & Medical Center
Address: 350 Engle St, Englewood, NJ 07631, United States
Location: Englewood, NJ
Country: USA
Phone Number: (201) 894-3898

Certifications: i JCA

Customer Reviews

I’d like to give some well-deserved praise to the excellent staff at the Wound Healing Center of Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. My treatment there has been of the highest quality. The staff is medically very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. They take the time to listen to you and answer all of your questions, caring for you as an individual, not a number. The staff members treating me, Dr Michael Cioroiu, Alice Shu and Leigh Hartung are skilled and proficient and easy to talk to. The office is well organized, and appointments are timely and not rushed. Necessary tests are conducted on the premises as the hospital is a full service medical center. I have nothing but compliments for the treatment I have received at the Wound Healing Center. - Gilis J.
I hate having to write this type of review especially when we are dealing with peoples livelyhoods but this needs to be written. My father has suffered with diabetes his whole life so ulcers and other complications with vein disease are frequent. But, he has always taken impeccable care of himself and his health. He was a long time, on going patient at the wound center and Dr Wengerter's patient. After years of treatments and visits my father showed NO signs of improving but just the contrary his health was declining. We later discovered that he had a major infection in his body. the Dr never took a sample of his ulcer he never swabbed for any kind of infection nor did he suggest any other kind of treatment or exploratory procedures. Mature patients sometimes have a hard time moving on and breaking ties with their long term Dr's which they have grown a trust, this is just the case. My father ended up in cardiac arrest and in ICU. After he recovered and we moved him to a rehab facility I reached out to Dr Wengerter to discuss a new procedure that we wanted to implement ASAP. It took the Dr 5 days to contact us back and of course by then, we were done with him and Englewood Hospital. Our parents are fragile and they need the best care, I'm just not sure Englewood Wound Center is the best place. - Koto

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