The Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Program at Loma Linda University Health specializes in hyperbaric oxygen therapy for conditions such as carbon monoxide poisoning, decompression sickness, and chronic wounds. It's notable for being a comprehensive program treating both critically and non-critically ill patients. The facility boasts advanced equipment, including clear acrylic chamber cylinders for patient comfort, and is staffed by certified physicians and technologists with extensive experience in hyperbaric medicine.

Facility: Loma Linda University Hospital
Address: 11234 Anderson St. Loma Linda, CA 92354
Location: Loma Linda, CA
Country: USA
Phone Number: (909) 558-4493

Certifications: i JCA

Customer Reviews

Very patient friendly staff. Advance heart center. I was given an Echocardiogram 2-D w color and Doppler and blood work. Took me less the 1 and a half hour to complete everything. It’s a huge hospital and very modern. The google app got me there from San Diego to Loma Linda hospital parking lot without any problems. - Joe j.
This place is phenomenal. The staff service is overall exemplary. From the doctors, nurses, technicians, Lvn, nursing aids, and kitchen staff as well as the other team members in their own specialties. It goes without saying. I've been here a week now due to spend the next 2 weeks in intensive rehab. Keep in mind I am a U.S. Army Vietnam veteran. I was on my way to VA Loma Linda hospital due to the not so good service I this was the best wrong turn my son made.had at Pomona Valley Hospital experienced - Manuel A.
Just remember that if you are coming from a skilled nursing facility, there is a mandatory 7 day bed hold. That clock starts ticking as soon as you get there. My mother went from the ER to the ICU to discharge within 6 days as she was "medically" stable. The case worker refused to entertain any family requested and was even overheard telling the DR that she didn't have time for such things. - Jason L.

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