The Hyperbaric Medicine department at the University of Maryland Medical Center, established in 1965, is renowned for its expertise in hyperbaric therapy. It features Maryland's only multiplace hyperbaric chamber, accommodating up to 23 patients. The department treats conditions like gas/air embolism, carbon monoxide poisoning, necrotizing infections, crush injuries, compromised grafts/flaps, osteomyelitis, radiation tissue damage, and nonhealing ulcers. They also conduct dive physicals for scuba divers.

Facility: University of Maryland
Address: 22 S. Greene St. Ground Floor, West Elevator Baltimore, MD 21201
Location: 22 South Greene St Baltimore, MD
Country: USA
Phone Number: (410) 328-6152

Certifications: i JCAi UHMS

Customer Reviews

As for the service, the nurses and doctors are spectacular. - Dallana P.
The staff at the desk where you check in are very rude and unprofessional. - Andrienne S.
Has the longest wait and dont let you know how many people are in front of you. - Talia D.

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Distance: 9.71 miles