Hyperbaric & Dive Medicine

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy service at Spectrum Health provides treatment in a pressurized chamber where patients breathe 100% oxygen. This therapy is beneficial for various conditions like carbon monoxide poisoning, necrotizing infections, delayed radiation injury, decompression injury, non-healing diabetic foot wounds, and more. The department also offers dive medicine services, including physicals and emergency treatments for divers.

Facility: Corewell Health
Address: 330 Barclay Ave NE, Suite 101 Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2525
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Country: USA
Phone Number: (616) 391-1269
Website: www.spectrumhealth.org

Certifications: i JCA

Customer Reviews

My Dad found out that he is okay. - Drew D.

Nearest HBOT Center

Lakeland Center for Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine

Distance: 84.55 miles